Mohamed Hamaki in the lead and the presence of festivals … 5 songs that top the YouTube trend | news


Singers are vying for the top trend of YouTube after they tend to release their work on it, whether it’s singles or albums.

The summer of 2021 witnessed the release of many songs that quickly entered the trend list, after receiving millions of views.

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Below are some of the trending songs on YouTube.

First place for the artist, Mohamed Hamaki, who released songs from his new album, the latest of which is the song “Law Hatsib”.

And the song “Law Hatsib” is written by Tamer Hussein, composed and arranged by Ahmed Ibrahim.

Second place and presence for festivals, with the “Ya Spicy” festival, with Saif Magdy and Omar Al Karawan.

Third place again, Mohamed Hamaki, and the song “Zeha Min”, written and composed by Aziz El Shafei, and arranged by Tamim.

And fourth place goes to rapper Abi Youssef and the song “Harb”.

And fifth place with the song “Qalqan” by Mahmoud Al-Aseeli and Ali Fathallah, written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by Mahmoud Al-Osaili and distributed by Ali Fathallah.

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