“Moderna” vaccine against 6 types of corona strains for 6 months


Cairo – by Iman Abdullah – A recent study showed that the Moderna vaccine can protect against 6 different types of corona strains, for a period of up to 6 months from the end of the full vaccination cycle.

The study, published in the American scientific journal Science, and conducted by an American research team with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), indicated that the antibodies generated by Moderna’s anti-virus vaccine were able to provide continuous protection against the coronavirus after 6 months. of patients receiving their second dose of it.

Most of the vaccinated people in the study maintained antibodies against the alpha, beta, gamma, epsilon, iota and delta variants, as well as against the original virus.

This data is very important because so far the efficacy of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 variants has only been evaluated over periods shorter than 6 months.

In addition to protection against the 6 strains, the research evaluated protection against neutralizing antibodies in volunteers of 3 different age groups, within 7 months of receiving the first dose of vaccination.

The results obtained showed that the peak of the immune response (two weeks after the second dose), the response for all strains was clear.

Antistrain antibodies persisted in most people, albeit at low levels, for 6 months and, in older patients, decreased slightly.

In the study, the researchers used several analytical methods (3 functional assays and 2 binding assays) to assess the antibody response to the spike protein (the spiny protrusions on the surface of the Corona virus that give it the well-known coronal shape, which is responsible for carrying out the process of virus attachment to and invasion of human cells).

The researchers commented: “The activity of the antibody induced by vaccination against variants of the emerging corona virus persisted, 6 months after the second dose of Moderna vaccine, despite the lower levels compared to the original strain.”
However, after half a year, researchers still observed elevated levels of binding antibodies against all tested variants.


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