Microsoft allows owners of old PCs to install Windows 11


Software giant Microsoft has announced that users of older PCs running Windows less can now manually upgrade their PC’s operating system to Windows 11 by downloading an ISO file. Although the restrictions remain when you do this via a regular Windows update.

According to the company, the recommended hardware requirements for installing Windows 11 are still in place, once the basic installation requirements are met, it can eventually upgrade your operating system to Windows 11 even though your old CPU did not pass the upgrade test. You can continue to download the ISO file While the recently released hardware requirements for Windows 11 show that it requires an 8th generation Intel CPU or later, the company provides the option for users who intend to install the operating system on older CPUs, at Their Own Responsibility Aside from the 8th Gen Intel CPU, the basic requirements for a manual upgrade are a 1GHz 64-bit processor with two or more cores, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

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Microsoft has expanded the range of processors that can use the new Windows 11 operating system including the Intel Core-X series and Xeon W series with the Intel Core 7820HQ These CPUs will now be officially supported for Windows 11 upgrades. There are still many processors Which still lacks support for Windows 11, in addition, upgrades and updates are not likely to be supported for devices that have Windows 11 installed manually. Millions of devices are likely to benefit from the new update.

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