Lebanon.. A video of citizens “detaining” a prominent Hezbollah representative in a Husseiniya


Lebanon.. video


A video alleging the “detention” of MP Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan in Hussainiya Ali Al-Nahri, and the latter explains

Social media reported a video from the Lebanese town of Ali al-Nahri “to detain” a crowd of demonstrators, MP Hussein Hajj Hassan of the “Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc” affiliated with Hezbollah in the town’s Husseiniya.

In a statement issued by the deputy, he said: “Tonight I was in the Husseiniya of Ali Al-Nahri on the occasion of Ashura, and I gave a speech on the occasion, and there was no problem with me.”

He added: “All that some promote is a fabrication, lies, and a cheap attempt to stir up sedition for open goals.”

The Lebanese newspaper “Al-Nahar”, quoting several sources in the town of Ali Al-Nahri, confirmed that a protest by a group of young people against the deteriorating living and service conditions took place in the town of Ali Al-Nahri tonight, during the participation of the representative of the “Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc” Hussein Hajj Hassan in the Husseini council in the town’s Husseiniya.

The newspaper pointed out that the deputy gave a brief speech and left amid a heavy deployment of the army.

She stated that a similar move took place in front of the house of his colleague, deputy from Zahle district, Anwar Juma’a, noting that a confrontation took place with his office manager.

Source: An-Nahar Lebanese newspaper


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