Learn about the advantages of the expected iPhone 13


If the current rumors are true, fans and customers of the American company Apple will be on a date with the new iPhone next September.

Apple has not yet announced the official launch date for the iPhone 13, but media reports suggested it would be unveiled on September 13.

In this report, we review the most prominent leaks and details of the upcoming Apple phone, which is expected to be “more exciting” than its successor, the iPhone 12.

The website “Detailed Trends” said that it does not expect the “iPhone 13” to see major changes in the general phone design, noting that the phone will be very similar to the iPhone 12, with some modifications.

Also, some experts do not rule out that the “iPhone 13” is without ports. In 2019, the famous “TF International Securities” analyst, Ming Shi Qiu, said that the American company would launch a portless iPhone in 2021.

iPhone 13 may come in several different colors, such as matte black, pink and graphite.

the screen

According to the Korean website “The Elec”, “Apple” will include “LTPO” technology in its new phone models, which will pave the way for a high refresh rate (120 Hz) when necessary and lower refresh rates at other times.

How many iPhone 13 models will there be?؟

Reports indicate that the American giant will repeat the same iPhone 12 models. This means we can expect the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.


There are not many leaks about the specifications of the expected phone, but some talk about the possibility of providing the new device with a huge storage space of 1 TB, which is double the maximum capacity of the previous phone.

Regarding the battery, a mid-August report from Trend Force says that Apple will not make the new iPhones thicker or heavier, but will instead rely on smart engineering and design modifications, so that it can fit a larger battery and the same size of the chassis.

ZDNet also reported that the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity will increase from 3,687 to 4,352 mAh, with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 reaching 3095 mAh compared to 2815 mAh.

The price

A previous report by the Digi Times website, which specializes in technical news, indicated that “Apple” will increase the price of the “iPhone 13” compared to previous versions.

Apple has received a notification from TSMC, which is the largest supplier of chips, stating that it will raise production costs, which will increase the price of the expected phone.

The increase will be 5% for 7nm processors, while the increase will be 20% for processing technologies.


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