Khaled Miqdad sends a touching message to his son Al-Waleed on the occasion of his marriage – in pictures


On the occasion of the wedding of his son, Al-Waleed Miqdad, on Nour Miqdad, the founder of the “Toyor Al-Jannah” channel directedKhaled MekdadA touching message to his son, in which he expressed his great love for his son, and that he is confident in him and his ability to take responsibility early, and instructed him to treat his wife well and protect her.
The message was written by Khaled Miqdad, attached to it with pictures from his son’s wedding, which he and his wife gathered from the wedding, and commented on the photo, saying: “Congratulations, my son.. my son, my bond and the most precious thing to me (Al-Walid). She was a shy girl, innocently frolicking with the family’s children.. Today, my son, you meet with those whom God has decreed for you to be a great, beautiful woman who fills your life with happiness and contentment.
And he continued: “Today you have won the same religion, so the best victory that the beloved Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, recommended to us… Honor her, my son, for they are only generous, and they are only humiliated by meanness, and always remember… Be kind to women. You have a sky and be a slave to him and be your slave, and know that you left your family’s house to your family’s house and your destiny is from the fate of my daughter Jana.” He continued: “Today you leave us, Walid, and sadness mingles with joy, my love. You left us early and you were in the prime of your youth. In the step of early marriage, and it surprised me with that, but it is the pride and confidence that you are an adult man of morals and religion, and you have assumed responsibility since your childhood. It made me agree with you, and it was the blessed step in marrying the honorable daughter of the Miqdad family. You both have to bring you together well.”
Followers congratulated Al-Waleed on his wedding, wishing him and his wife joy, lasting happiness and a happy life, praising his father’s message to him and the way he advised him.


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