Johnny Mounir: There is strong pressure on Mikati to make him apologize, and he is pessimistic about the security situation if the government is not formed


Writer and journalist Johnny Mounir commented in an interview on the “Wahlaq Show” program with George Salibi on the exchange and political investment in the Tallil incident in Akkar and said, “All this ruling political class must be what they know where, and he also expressed his pessimism about the situation in Lebanon.

Mounir revealed that “there is strong pressure on Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati to force him to apologize, and there are meetings between him and Aoun away from the media, and an understanding was reached on the interior and justice portfolios, but the problem has not yet been resolved regarding the blocking third and the distribution of portfolios.”

He continued, “There is a demand for the blocking third in a new form, and I am surprised that the formation of a government was not announced due to the current circumstances of the country.”

He also warned that “there are internal and external warnings of the inability of the security forces to control the street if the government is not formed soon.”

Mounir concluded his speech about the file of lifting the subsidy and said that we should not have been late in raising it.


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