Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and the boys in masks on a trip to The Magic Castle


The photographers’ lenses on the Daily Mail spotted star Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and their children on a trip to The Magic Castle In Los Angeles, it is a club for lovers of magic.

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and her lover Ben Affleck is developing significantly every day on the family level, after the website mentioned People Jennifer Lopez not only took care of Ben Affleck, but recently bought two gifts of jewelry for the daughters of the American Hollywood star.




Added location report People Jennifer Lopez, while on a recent occasion in California, walked into a famous jewelry store there, and bought several pieces stamped with flowers for my daughter Ben Affleck..

On the other hand, fans of the duo Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been busy recently with the latest developments in their relationship, after they returned together again to their relationship together after 17 years of separation in 2004, which called the site E! Online To address that relationship, stressing that the couple, despite their great happiness, decided not to develop the relationship into a marriage, and they would be satisfied with what they are in this way..

This news came after the international star Jennifer Lopez deleted all the photos and memories linking her with her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, in conjunction with her relationship with Ben Affleck taking a new path after they moved to a new house that brings them together in Beverly Hills, and the Daily Mail reported that Lopez was not satisfied with that, but Unfollowed Alex Rodriguez on Instagram.


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