Jeddah’s astronomer monitors the activity of the sunspot.. today


This morning, the Astronomical Society in Jeddah monitored the activity of the large spot on the surface of the sun, which was monitored earlier, according to the data, as it produces glows of category (C) at the present time.
The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Engineer Majid Abu Zahrara, said: “When any explosion occurs in this spot today, this will lead to geomagnetic activity, because that spot is still almost in a direct direction with our planet, and that the sunspot is a temporary phenomenon on the surface of the sun, which is called The “photosphere” or the ball of light, and these spots appear dark compared to the areas around them, due to their low temperature according to the measurements of the sun.
He reported that these spots are formed when a concentration of magnetic field flow occurs that inhibits (convection), and the result is a lower surface temperature in a particular spot compared to what is around it, and usually the spots appear double with opposite magnetic poles, and the spots can remain for a few days to a few weeks, But it eventually dissolves.
He pointed out that the size of this sunspot can be easily monitored with a telescope equipped with a filter for the sun, pointing out that the opportunity is prepared to produce moderate to strong glows during the coming hours and days.


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