Isn’t it time for us to understand?!


Prime Minister Saad Hariri tweeted on his Twitter account, “My resignation after October 17 is a Lebanese industry par excellence, with well-known reasons, circumstances and goals. As for disrupting the birth of the government for more than a year, it was certainly an Iranian industry par excellence.”
He added: “The laughable thing is that there are those who want us to believe that the Syrian regime is asking us to stop smuggling because it harms its economic plan and because smuggling is forbidden and smugglers are a traitor to the trust. We don’t have to. There is no point in digging up the reservoirs of the past to bring down the conditions of Afghanistan on the conditions of Lebanon and to beat the drums of betting on external transformations.” .
He concluded: “What is required is a government that reconciles with the Lebanese and the international community, not to lure Lebanon into more isolation and clash with the Arabs and the world. Isn’t it time for us to understand?!”


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