Iranians protest via social networks against the government’s handling of the deadliest wave of Corona


Atlanta, United States (CNN) — Iranians have taken to social media to protest the government’s response to the spread of the coronavirus, as the country faces its deadliest wave of the pandemic yet.

The worst-hit country in the Middle East has announced the highest daily death rate since the start of the pandemic, with state media reporting an average of more than 500 deaths each day over the past seven days, with cases rising and pressure already mounting on entire hospitals. Overcrowded intensive care units.

State television said on Monday that the increase, which was primarily blamed on the delta variable, brought the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic to 96,742, with a death rate of one person every two minutes in the country.

Iranian social media accounts use the hashtag SOSIran to highlight the catastrophic situation, calling for a better government response and condemning Iran’s vaccination programme, which largely relies on home-made vaccines and refuses to import Western-made vaccines after Iran’s supreme leader banned their purchase in January. The second, saying he “doesn’t trust her”.

Some foreign-made vaccines have been approved for use inside Iran, but with nearly 4% of the population fully vaccinated, social media users, including many prominent Iranian celebrities, have criticized the slow vaccination process.

“Iranian people are asking for vaccinations, please help them SOSIran,” actress Mahnaz Afshar wrote on Twitter, along with a picture of what appeared to be patients lying on mattresses on the hospital floor. CNN was unable to independently confirm the image.

A reporter from the semi-official Iranian news agency “Fars” published a video clip depicting at least eight bodies in a room in the mortuary of Al-Qaim Hospital in Mashhad.

The reporter explained, “The number of dead you see is not all of them. Dozens have been sent to Behesht Reza cemetery and Behesht Rizvan cemetery. More are now being brought here. The situation here is not good at all. The situation can be referred to as a ‘tsunami of death’. “.

On Friday, the semi-official Iranian news agency said that Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, who is already under pressure in the first week of his term, said that providing vaccines is a government priority and stressed that there is no problem in allocating funds for vaccine imports.

The Ministry of Health said that 14,445,642 people have so far received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Iran, while 2,610,775 have also received the second dose.

The country has not gone into complete lockdown. However, most school and university closures have been extended, and the government has restricted their activity.


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