“I will tell you the truth”… Michel Aoun sends a message to the Lebanese people in which he reveals the cause of the crises in the country


This evening, Saturday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun sent a message to the Lebanese people.

Aoun sends a message to the Lebanese people

The text of the letter stated: “There is nothing easier than populist outbursts and rhetoric, and there is also nothing easier than distributing accusations to the right and left, so that the facts are falsified and the real culprits are covered.”

The letter added: “Since the fuel crisis began, I have been calling for a quick and practical solution, so that we do not reach what we have reached, and citizens procrastinate in front of petrol stations, electricity cuts, and generators stop. And we had decided, in a meeting held here in the Republican Palace, that the fuel subsidy would continue until the end of next September, so that the gradual lifting of subsidies would coincide with the issuance of the financing card.

In his message, Aoun continued: “We left no way but worked on it, including the agreement that took place with Iraq to import fuel, which is supposed to be implemented during the next month. But what ruined the situation and made the crisis exacerbated was the decision taken by the Governor of the Banque du Liban to stop the subsidy without returning to the government, and before the issuance of the financing card.

He said, “Unfortunately, this decision made the fuel crisis worsen more and more with the ruler’s insistence on his position, and his demand to issue legislation covering the exchange of mandatory reserves.”

He continued his message: “After the governor’s decision, I requested an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers to study the situation, take a decision and find a comprehensive solution, so that each minister bears his responsibility within his jurisdiction. However, the Prime Minister considered that the Council of Ministers does not meet during the conduct of business, and because the constitution limited the invitation of the Council of Ministers to its Prime Minister, or with his approval in the event that the President of the Republic deems it necessary to call for an extraordinary session, the Council did not convene accordingly and we were unable to take the appropriate decision.

He added: “Then, I had no choice but to ask the House of Representatives to take the initiative in addressing this issue, so I sent a letter to it in which I explained all the facts, and asked to discuss them and take the appropriate decision or position, but unfortunately, the position of the House of Representatives in general came from Without any operational steps. He only called for the formation of a government and the issuance of the financing card, and after that the support was lifted.

The Lebanese president went on to say: “Once again, we did not reach a practical result, and I used all my constitutional powers: the Council of Ministers did not convene, and the Parliament did not take practical action, and the situation today is as you see and live it.”

He added: “I wanted to be frank with you in reality so that you know that there is an obstruction to every idea, suggestion or initiative, as if what is required is a further deterioration of the situation and the suffering and torment of citizens, and their standing in queues of humiliation.”

Aoun added, “I know that practical steps are required, which we must take. For my part, I consulted with the Prime Minister, and we called for a meeting today at the Baabda Palace, in which it was decided to subsidize the fuel, with the Lebanese treasury bearing part of the cost, and to give public sector employees urgent social assistance, pending a review of salaries and wages according to the rules, and within a comprehensive recovery plan.

He continued, “As for the government, it will be formed, God willing, and in cooperation between me and the designated president. The main thing is for a government to be able to carry out reforms in the first place and to have the confidence of the parliamentary blocs. Finally, I want to assure you that I will continue to work until we reach solutions, and will not be affected by auctions or media campaigns, nor will I abandon my duties and responsibilities.

The Lebanese president concluded his message, saying: “Unfortunately, all the state’s organs that were supposed to take decisions were disrupted, so I took the initiative to solve pressing crises and urgent problems. My loved ones, the situation is difficult, but with our solidarity, we are able to gradually reach the desired results.”

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