“I was hallucinating because of the fungus” .. A gunman kills a tourist in the US state of Florida



Miami-Dade Police Department

Accused of murdering a tourist in Florida, Tamarius David Blair Jr.

A gunman who said he was “hallucinating” for consuming a “magic mushroom” killed a Colorado tourist while he was eating dinner in a Florida restaurant.

According to the Associated Press, citing a police arrest report, 22-year-old Tamarius Blair David, Jr., killed 21-year-old Dustin Wakefield on Tuesday evening in a Miami Beach restaurant.

During questioning by the police, the accused said that “he was under the influence of eating magic mushrooms, which made him feel strong.”

The perpetrator entered a restaurant and opened fire on Wakefield, who was having dinner with his family, including a one-year-old baby, whom the victim tried to protect from the attacker.

The attacker fled the restaurant and was arrested by the police in a nearby alley.

Source: “Associated Press”


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