Hezbollah admits firing rockets from southern Lebanon into Israel


Today, Friday, the Hezbollah militia admitted that it had fired more than 15 missiles on Israel, claiming that this operation is a response to previous raids on Tel Aviv.

In turn, the Israeli army responded to the missiles with bombing locations in southern LebanonHe declared that he would not leave any attacks unpunished.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Minister began security consultations regarding the escalation on the border with Lebanon.

He also announced that alerts were activated in several towns in the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights after the missiles were intercepted.

For its part, Lebanese media announced that there is an exodus of residents of some Lebanese border villages after rockets were fired at Israel.

Lebanon’s National News Agency confirmed the launch of rockets from the heights of Mount Hermon at Israel.

She added that there was an intense flight of Israeli aircraft in Hasbaya and Arqoub.

It also indicated that the Iron Dome in Israel intercepted 10 missiles fired at it.

previous raids

It is noteworthy that the Israeli army announced at dawn on Thursday that warplanes launched raids inside Lebanese territory on areas where rocket-propelled grenades were launched, in addition to infrastructure used for terrorist activities, according to the text of the statement.

And Israeli warplanes launched raids on the areas from which the rockets were launched from Lebanon towards Israel.

The warplanes also raided another target in the area from which they had previously launched rocket-propelled grenades.


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