Google celebrates the late artist Melhem Barakat


Today, Sunday, the search engine “Google” celebrated the 76th birthday of the famous late Lebanese artist, Melhem Barakat.

And a picture of Melhem Barakat appeared on the main page of the global search engine, to celebrate the birth of the Lebanese artist, which falls on August 15.

Melhem Barakat, known as “Abu Majd”, is a Lebanese singer and composer. He is considered one of the most famous Lebanese and Arab singers and composers. He was born in the town of Kfarshima in 1942.

Melhem Barakat drew the attention of musician Halim Al-Roumi, who lived in the same town, as Melhem’s talent appeared since his childhood, when he was in school. He decided to join the National Conservatory of Music, and studied musical theories, oriental singing and playing the oud instrument for four years at the National Conservatory of Music. He was also influenced by the art of musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

He joined the Rahbani brothers’ band, and after four years, he left them to find his artistic path.

His first artistic beginnings was the song “Allah Karim”, written for him by the late Tawfiq Barakat, and it was composed for him by his late neighbor, Philemon Wehbe.

The first theatrical work he starred in was the play “The Emerald Princess” and then “The Seventh Spring” with the Rahbani brothers. He worked with the Lebanese playwright and composer, Romeo Lahoud.

Wadih Al-Safi.. and Sabah

He focused on composing in addition to singing, as he composed for the great Lebanese singers, including Wadih Al-Safi, Sabah, Samira Tawfik and Magda Al-Roumi.

The late artist also performed in several concerts in Arab and European capitals and in the United States, and participated in festivals, including Carthage and Jerash.

He died on October 28, 2016 after a struggle with illness, and his death was announced at the Hotel-Dieu Hospital in Beirut.

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