Global Health warns… we are facing a critical stage of the Corona pandemic


Today, Wednesday, the World Health Organization warned that the Corona pandemic is going through a “critical stage” in the Asia-Pacific region, and stressed the need to make all possible efforts to reduce transmission now to avoid the emergence of new, more dangerous mutations.

The WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, Takeshi Kasai, pointed out that the number of cases and deaths of corona in the Asia-Pacific countries “is rising sharply” for reasons, led by the spread of the delta mutated, highly contagious, of the Corona virus.

Kasai revealed that during the first three weeks of August, the region recorded 10% of the total infections in the world, and more than 8% of deaths.

“At this critical stage of the pandemic, let’s continue to work together,” the official said in an online press conference.

“We are able to reduce the threat posed by the virus by making the most of every tool we have to combat it today,” Kasai stressed.



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