From the gathering of pharmacies owners.. an urgent appeal to the Minister of Health


The Pharmacy Owners Association said that it was “optimistic about the promise to implement a series of measures that guarantee the delivery of medicine to pharmacies and from there to patients.”

And the assembly added: “Despite the minister’s implementation of his promise in terms of reversing previous decisions regarding royalties, unfortunately, the issue of delivering medicines to pharmacies remained, which was not achieved in a large proportion, especially the medicines for which subsidies were lifted and priced on the basis of $13,600, which did not satisfy the importers and continued. Most of them have a policy of refraining from delivering and thus depriving patients of their medicines.”

And he added: “In spite of all that, and despite the almost complete cut off of gasoline and electricity, which hinders our work, whether in terms of access or in terms of maintaining cooling, we are still doing our best to keep our pharmacies for as long as possible in order to secure the patients’ need from Accordingly, we call on the Minister of Health to find a quick solution to the dilemma of the continuous discontinuation of medicines for a long time, either by reaching a solution with importers regarding the exchange rate of the dollar of medicines, or by obliging them to deliver their medicines by the force of the law without restrictions, and preventing them from linking the delivery of medicines. Some medicines have supplements and other preparations in order to market them, which burdens the pharmacist and increases his suffering in these difficult circumstances.”However, the assembly called for “the necessity of making importers deliver medicines directly to pharmacies without an intermediary, after it was finally found that quantities of these medicines are stored in some warehouses.”


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