Free Patriotic Movement: We demand the judiciary and the security services to reveal the circumstances of the tragic accident in Akkar | Policy


The Free Patriotic Movement issued a statement saying, “Nothing can bring back the victims of the painful explosion in Akkar, and no words of condolences for their families.

All we wish now is mercy for the martyrs and the healing of the wounded. We also demand the judiciary and the security services to reveal the circumstances of the tragic accident and to hold the perpetrators accountable.
The Future Movement began this morning a party to invest blood and a campaign to accuse the Free Patriotic Movement of the incident. But what does not need to be investigated in the crime of Al-Talil explosion is the owner of the land known for his closeness to the Future Movement and his public vote for one of his representatives (Tariq Al-Mara’bi), as well as the known owner of the reservoirs in the land, who was arrested two months ago due to smuggling, and his relationship with two MPs from the Future Movement (Walid Al-Baarini and Muhammad Suleiman) is known. It is also known to far and wide that more than one deputy in the Future Movement in Akkar owns or sponsors networks for storing and smuggling fuels to Syria, which was what the head of the movement, Gibran Bassil, had publicly announced before them in Parliament last June, without them being deterred from doing so. .”

He added: “We see them and the head of their current, MP Saad Hariri, in statements and tweets since this morning, instead of being silent and ashamed, trying, as usual, to exploit bloodshed and political investment, and place the blame on the President of the Republic, the Free Patriotic Movement, his president and one of his deputies, without any of them having any Relationship, neither closely nor from afar, with the subject.
Just as happened with the painful explosion of the port of Beirut, where the Prime Minister at the time, Saad Hariri, had visited it before that bragging about its good management, by a temporary committee sponsored by his political team, defying our demand to legitimize and settle the port’s situation and its mismanagement and the escape of public money in it and the waste and corruption that exist in it . He and his party have been sponsoring the mismanagement and corruption of the port for 28 years, and they have been incubating nitrates inside it for 7 years. When the explosion occurred, they accused the President of the Republic of being responsible for being aware of the matter 15 days before the explosion and doing what had to be done.

Whoever must resign is the one who caused the fuel crisis because of his policy of subsidy, and he is the governor of the Banque du Liban; He is the one who supported and stopped the support at random, and he is responsible for all the tragedies and pains that have happened and will happen as a result of this file. Fear God and stay away from strife, and let us cry for our dead and heal our wounds, and learn that the policy of investing blood did not come to you except with calamities.”


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