For this reason, Apple repairs the iPhone 12 headset for free.. Know the details


Company announcedCamel About the service program for the repair of receivers on iPhone 12 and 12 Pros according to (9to5Mac), indicating that the phones are not Mini or Max Manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021 may encounter an issue where no sound comes out from Ear Headphone When making or receiving calls, it will fix the problem for free as part of a new program, as the problem is caused by a failure in the receiver component, according to what was reported by the website. the verege.

Apple’s page notes that a “very small percentage” of devices may be affected while it can be difficult to know what it means Apple by a “small percentage”, but the earphone issue doesn’t seem to be widespread – looking for failure reports receivers didn’t show up on Reddit or Twitter Only a few complaints.

This comes while all devices iPhone 12s Still subject to warranty Apple For one year, the service program covers devices for two years after purchase, giving your earphones an additional year of coverage.

Says Apple Also, “phones will be checked before any service” to ensure they are eligible for the program. This probably means that you won’t get a free repair if you’ve broken your phone’s receiver.


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