Find out the type of motherboard in Windows 10 without disassembling the device

36 You need to know the type of motherboard in Windows 10 so you can search for its configurations or install new updates.

The motherboard is the heart of your computer, it makes all the parts work together well and if there is any damage or damage to it then the whole machine has problems.

You also need to know its type before deciding to upgrade any parts in your computer, as you must obtain compatible parts.

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You can easily find out the type of motherboard in the computer by disassembling the device and looking for any information written on it.

But some people may not want to unlock their devices or they don’t have enough experience, so this method helps you to know its type via Windows.

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Find out the type of command panel via Windows 10

This method shows you all the necessary and necessary information about the motherboard, this information includes the manufacturer, type and size of the motherboard.

You can access this information using the command interface by following these steps:

Head over to the CMD at first and make sure you give it admin privileges.

Then type the following command into the command window:

wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

It then shows you all the information you want to know about your motherboard.

You can also view the information via the System Information interface, and you can access it by searching for msinfo32 or typing this command in the run window.

And then search in the information window that appears to you about the motherboard information to know it.

Windows 10

You can also find out detailed motherboard information via external applications that you can install.

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So you can install the popular CPU-Z app to find out the device information, and this app displays all the details you want quickly and directly.

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You can also install the HWinfo app to see all the device details and information in a slightly attractive interface.

You can also look for the motherboard application installed in your device, as some motherboards come with their own application that is installed in Windows.

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