Diversity of the “Senaat” portfolio supports its creditworthiness


Emirates news Emirates news The diversity of the “Senaat” portfolio supports its creditworthiness The source of the news – Emirates – the statement with news details The diversity of the “Senaat” portfolio supports its creditworthiness:

Emirates news today, Moody’s Investors Service “Moody’s” confirmed that the General Holding Company “Senaat” has several important ingredients that support its independent creditworthiness.

She stated that at the forefront of these components is the diversification of its investment portfolio in several fully-developed projects and companies, which it and the companies listed in this portfolio have benefited from from the supportive economic environment resulting from the long-term economic growth in Abu Dhabi, and the strength of its liquidity file, as it has 400 million dollars in capital on The level of the holding company has not yet been exploited.

Moody’s announced the completion of its periodic review of the latest credit rating granted for the long-term creditworthiness of Senaat, and issued a report that includes the periodic review in which it stated that the last credit rating granted to the long-term creditworthiness of Senaat, which is “A3”, reflects Continuing the strategic importance that the company enjoys with the Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company “Holding”. Hence, both the Abu Dhabi government and the “Holding” effectively manage “industries” at both the strategic and operational levels. Moreover, the rating also reflects the strength of Senaat’s financial profile.

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