Disney plans a new series on the Australian Gold Coast in 2023


Disney plans to shoot a new series next year, titled “Nautilus”, in the coastal city of “Gold Coast” in the Australian state of Queensland.
Production of the series is scheduled to begin next January, according to Australian Communications Minister Paul Fletcher to the Australian Associated Press on Tuesday.Fletcher said the new artwork is expected to generate more than A$172 million (US$124 million) for the local economy.

The ten-part series tells the story of Captain “Nemo”, the charismatic leader, and his famous submarine “Nautilus”, and is based on the classic novel “20,000 Feet Under the Sea” by the famous French novelist, Jules Verne.

In Verne’s adventure novel, Captain Nemo explores the sunken city of Atlantis, battles a giant octopus and discovers the wonders of the deep sea.

“Nautilus will directly create more than 290 jobs for Australian actors and crew, and more than 2,200 additional roles, and will use the services of an estimated 200 companies across the country,” Fletcher said.

Meanwhile, Queensland Premier Anastasia Balachchuk said: “We are delighted that one of the biggest names in the global film industry has chosen our state once again.”

She indicated that the Walt Disney Company filmed the adventure films “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and “Thor: Ragnarok” in Queensland, at its Marvel studios.


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