“Corona’s nails” .. 5 ways to detect people infected with the epidemic


Health experts confirmed that in some cases, clear changes appear on the nails of the hands and feet in people, as a result of infection with the emerging corona virus.

A few strange changes to the fingernails and toenails have been documented since the outbreak of the epidemic, as nails are like skin in that they can give clues about a person’s health.

It is already known that skin problems affect up to 20 percent of people infected with the emerging coronavirus, but people rarely examine their nails, which may be covered with paint in women, and therefore may not be aware of the differences caused by the virus.

How do we transfer the baby’s nails correctly?

Fingernails grow in cycles of approximately 6 months, and therefore any change in appearance due to the Corona virus may be delayed, according to the British newspaper, “The Sun.”

Changes in the shape of nails can result from various health problems, including vitamin deficiencies, skin diseases, diabetes or trauma, such as closing the door on your hand, for example.

But dermatologists indicated that it is not a coincidence that a number of people have experienced changes in the nails, after contracting “Covid-19”.

In an article published by the “Conversion” website, which specializes in publishing news and analysis related to research, experts said: “There is a part of the body in which the impact of the Corona virus appears. It is the fingernails.”

But currently, the available evidence indicates that there is no correlation between the severity of the infection with corona, and the type or extent of changes that occur in the nail.

Here are the changes to watch:


Some experts have indicated that those recovering from corona have horizontal lines on the nails, known as “miss lines”, and they can also be seen as a result of heart failure and infectious diseases such as malaria and lymphoma.

And a 47-year-old Spaniard had appeared in the middle of his nails, what looked like thick white strips, 45 days after he was infected with “Covid-19”.

“Boo” lines

They are deep grooves that extend across the width of the nail, and they have appeared in people with corona. Among the most prominent of those cases, which Canadian doctors found, was in a 45-year-old man, who discovered he had the epidemic 3 months before its appearance.

half red moon

Everyone has a white half moon shape at the base of their nails, but in some cases, a red band appears over that convex area.

This case appears faster in people with corona, as it was seen in a 37-year-old woman just two days after the symptoms of Covid-19 appeared.

This change lasted for only one week, before the shape returned to normal.

orange tips

The orange tips of the nail may be another sign of COVID-19, and it was seen in an elderly woman who contracted the virus while in a nursing home in Italy.

The color did not develop until 16 weeks after her diagnosis, and it persisted for at least a month after that.

nail height

In this case, it appears as if the nail has split in two, often called ‘nail shedding’, and is thought to be caused by a temporary halt in nail growth.

This case appeared in a woman, 3 months after her admission to the hospital to receive treatment from Corona. Her old toenails had “separated” and it looked as if new ones were growing from the base.

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