Carrier rolls back encryption | sports newspaper


The Saudi Sports Company, the exclusive carrier of Saudi football competitions for a season, has abandoned the idea of ​​encrypting the Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League matches, after it was scheduled.
In this regard, Abdulaziz Baashen, CEO of the Saudi Sports Company, explained to Al-Riyadia that all the league matches will be transferred on the SD and HD packages, and the quality of the SD will be lower and the transfer of matches on them will not include the analytical studios, in addition to the sports programs that were launched with the beginning of the league. . He said: “We cannot transfer the AFC Champions League on the open channels because the rights we obtained are local, and if they are transferred on the open, this is a violation of the transfer rights, and even if any party wants to buy game rights and transfer them on the open, it will not be able.” Baashen added: “We have an agreement with Arabsat to transfer matches on the moon, after they provided us with attractive advantages. As for students on scholarships in Europe and America, they can watch the matches of the Saudi League through the Shahid application.”
He continued, “We have a plan to transfer and encrypt the various games, and this matter is currently being studied with the Ministry of Sports and the federations concerned with this, and this comes as compensation to the participants for the amounts they paid.” Baashen concluded his speech to Al-Riyadia, saying: “We were close to winning the rights to transfer the Italian League, but small details that were disputed ended the negotiations.”


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