Canada refuses to recognize the Taliban, and Europe will “only talk to them”


The European Union’s foreign minister, Josep Borrell, announced on Tuesday that the European Union must Dialogue with the Taliban “as soon as possible” because they “won the war” in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban won the war in Afghanistan. So, we have to talk to them in order to have a dialogue as soon as possible to avoid a humanitarian and migration catastrophe” and “prevent the return of a foreign terrorist presence” in Afghanistan, Borrell said, explaining that this does not necessarily require official recognition of the Taliban regime.

The EU foreign policy chief added that the EU would have to deal with the Taliban in order to provide support to the Afghan people, even if it did not recognize them as the legitimate rulers of the country.

“I didn’t say we would recognize the Taliban, I just said we have to talk to them about everything, even if to try to protect women and girls, we have to reach out to them if only for that reason,” Borrell told a news conference following a meeting of European Union foreign ministers.

Taliban during their press conference

Taliban during their press conference

“We will set our conditions for continued support and we will use our influence … for the respect of human rights. I know and I say this, it just seems to be an overly optimistic way of thinking. But we will use all our influence.”

He said that humanitarian aid must be continued and even increased, but he stressed that the aid will only go to the Afghan government after its conditions are met.

In turn, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday that his country “does not intend to recognize the Taliban government,” at a time when the international community is raising questions about future relations with the extremist movement that has regained control of Afghanistan.

“When they were in power twenty years ago, Canada did not recognize their government,” Trudeau said on the sidelines of a press conference in Ontario devoted to the legislative election campaign. “They forcibly overthrew an elected government and replaced it, and they constitute a terrorist group under Canadian law.”


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