Art and artist news Diana Karazon’s husband celebrates the anniversary of her coronation with the title of Arab Superstar


The media, Moaz Al-Omari, celebrated the anniversary of his wife, Jordanian singer Diana Karazon, crowning the title of Arab Superstar in his first season on August 18, 2003.

Diana Karazon’s husband posted a picture of her the moment she won the title, on his own account on the “Instagram” website, and commented: “18 years ago, like today, you achieved your dream and took the title of Arab Superstar.”

He added: “I do not forget today, it was a joy for the whole country. I did not forget the people’s standing with you for such a day, and I did not forget the joy that was in every home when you won the title.”

He concluded his words by saying: “Today, I remember the day you were crowned with the title, and you are my life partner and companion on the trail.. After the results were announced, I sang at my door, standing two moons, and today the two moons are in my home, Diana and Salma ❤️ Every year, you are the star, dear Umm Salma.”

Original news source website: Gululi – Arabs


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