And the taste changes! – Directions – ABCs


In our early adolescence, when we were barely leaving the primary school gate to Arhab schools and an older age, those picture magazines that publish illustrated stories represented by famous Italian movie stars spread among the teens of my generation.

These magazines are the same as what became known today as “manga” novels or stories! But she wasn’t known as such nowadays. “Manga” is the Japanese term for comics produced in Japan, or comics drawn or written by Japanese.

When we started buying these magazines and reading them hidden from the eyes of our parents, we knew that they would not like them, but more than that, they did not welcome them, and when they found them among our personal things, they did not tolerate us, just as happened to the teenage girls with the books of Nizar Qabbani in their early appearance In many Arab societies!

Families viewed Nizar’s books as writing devoid of literature and harmful to morals, and with the passage of time, parents took their children to cinema halls and watched films with them that seemed by the standards of that distant time harmful, devoid of literature and values!

Values ​​and the view of them change, and the general taste changes, so different generations constantly come, and each new generation comes with its own taste, choices, vision and concepts. Welcome in our families, but we read it!

We cannot impose a specific taste on a particular generation, nor do we categorize taste on the scale of our preferences, symbols and high literature remain in place. It changes as everything changes, and every generation has the right to make its own taste and be responsible for it!



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