An Arab study shows the most effective corona vaccines


A study conducted by a team of researchers at Columbia University in partnership with researchers in the Kingdom of Bahrain reported that the Chinese company “Sinopharma” vaccines are less effective than others in preventing infection, hospitalization and death, especially among infected people over 50 years old.

According to Bahraini media, “Despite the high levels of vaccination with the Chinese Sinopharma vaccine, the Kingdom of Bahrain has since last May begun giving booster doses to its citizens, using different doses, which are from the American “Pfizer” vaccine, and is now also providing booster doses of vaccines. other.

According to “The Wall Street Journal”, the study conducted by a team of researchers at Columbia University in partnership with researchers in the Kingdom of Bahrain showed that all vaccines that have been given since last December in Bahrain – which include Covishield – any Indian-made version of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine, and “Sputnik” V Russian-made – it was effective in reducing severe disease compared to the unvaccinated population.

The same study also showed that the percentage of deaths among all positive cases of Covid-19 after vaccination was 0.46% for “Sinopharma” recipients, compared to 0.15% for “Pfizer” and 0.03% for “AstraZeneca”, which is a consistent trend for infection and hospitalization, even with The emergence of the delta variable, according to the research team.

For her part, Jalila Al-Sayed Jawad, CEO of Primary Health Care Centers in Bahrain and co-researcher of the study, said in media statements: “We found that there is a significant difference between hospitalization, admission to the intensive care unit and death in favor of Pfizer compared to Sinopharm, especially in the age groups. older and in the context of the emergence of the delta variable.

The CEO of the Primary Health Care Centers in Bahrain explained that the results of the study “are a preliminary indication, but they need more in-depth analysis, before saying that this vaccine is better than that.”

She added that a direct comparison between Sinopharma and Pfizer was possible due to the similar age and sex characteristics of the recipients, describing the study as a “unique resource on the effect of different vaccines in one population.”

Julian Tang, a clinical virologist and professor of respiratory medicine at the University of Leicester, who was not involved in the study, said that while there are marked differences between the efficacy of vaccines against different variants, it may be misleading to compare results in sequential or overlapping publications without more data on comorbidities. and pre-vaccination infection.

The study acknowledges that overlapping vaccine releases and oversampling of individuals who received the Chinese-made vaccine may have influenced the results, but the researchers conclude that such factors are unlikely to explain the very important differences in outcomes.

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