Ahmed Saad will marry Alia Bassiouni tomorrow | news


The artist Ahmed Saad is preparing to marry the model, Alia Bassiouni, in a Cairo hotel.

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FilFan learned from a close source that Ahmed Saad decided to celebrate his marriage contract in complete secrecy, and the ceremony is limited to the newlyweds’ family and close friends.

The source added that the couple agreed to complete the marriage in a few days, and they were also keen not to spread the news in order to surprise everyone.

The duo also prepared for the ceremony in complete secrecy and speed, as they bought the wedding dress on Friday evening, and the wedding ring from a famous jewelry store in Greater Cairo.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Saad announced his separation some time ago from his fiancée, Alia Bassiouni, but soon the situation improved and the couple decided to complete the marriage tomorrow.

It is worth noting that Ahmed Saad is participating in the movie “200 EGP” by singing the movie’s song.

The movie “200 pounds”, starring a group of stars, including Laila Elwi, Esaad Younes, Ahmed El-Sakka, Ahmed Rizk, Ahmed El-Saadani, Ahmed Adam and others, a constellation of stars. The film was written by Ahmed Abdullah and directed by Mohamed Amin.

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