After liberating him from his kidnappers, Sisi sends a gift to the kidnapped child of Mahalla


Egyptian media revealed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent a gift to the kidnapped El-Mahalla child, after the Egyptian security services succeeded in liberating him from his kidnappers and returning him to his family safely.

In judicial developments, the Egyptian Public Prosecutor ordered the arrest of those accused of kidnapping the child.

Today, Tuesday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution heard the statements of the child’s parents today, as well as the statements of passers-by and neighbors, to find out all the details of the incident, and the reason for the kidnappers kidnapping the child.

Calves slaughtered to celebrate the return of the baby

For their part, the child’s relatives slaughtered two calves and distributed their meat to the villagers to celebrate his return. This comes a few hours after the Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of the kidnappers of the child.

The ministry said that the security services in the Gharbia Security Directorate received a report that 3 people in an angel’s car had kidnapped a child when he was accompanied by his mother in front of his house in Abu Draa area, adding that immediately a research team was formed headed by the National Security and Public Security sectors and the participation of the relevant sectors of the ministry to uncover the circumstances of the crime. and arrest the perpetrators.

She stated that the search efforts resulted, through the use of modern technologies, gathering information, examining the itineraries and their movements of the accused through surveillance cameras, examining and discussing the witnesses of the incident, identifying the car used in the commission of the accident, and it turned out that it was reported stolen in advance of the kidnapping of the child, as the perpetrators planned to steal and use it. Committing the accident and then abandoning it and setting it on fire after the accident in an attempt not to pursue and arrest them.

The ministry indicated that the efforts resulted in identifying the accused and where they hid the child in a house in one of the agricultural areas adjacent to the city of Mahalla. Following the legalization of the procedures, several simultaneous missions were directed, and the gang members were arrested in their possession of two automatic rifles, while preserving the child’s safety and liberating him safely.

The perpetrators confessed to their crime

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior added that while confronting the defendants, they confessed to committing the incident and one of them admitted that because he knew that the child’s father was a food trader, he believed that he had a fortune, which prompted him to agree with others to commit the kidnapping of the child and blackmail his father to obtain ransom money in exchange for his release.

Ahmed Al-Buhairi, the father of the child, had mentioned to that the security forces had found his son in an abandoned warehouse in the neighboring village of Al-Sijiya. He added that he and all his family were overjoyed after the return of their child, thanking the security services after their efforts in finding his son, adding that the villagers welcomed his son’s return with ululations and celebrations.


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