A video of angry people who accused a Hezbollah representative and detained him


angry at me The situation in Lebanon is deterioratingYesterday, Friday evening, they detained MP Hussein Hajj Hassan, who is from the “Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc” in Parliament, and a political leader in Hezbollah, after they saw him participating in the name of the party in a “Husseini Council” on the occasion of Ashura in the Husseinieh of the town of “Ali al-Nahri” far in the east of Lebanon. 66 km from Beirut.

Although he denied what had happened, through a statement he issued, in which he stated that he was in the Husseiniya on the occasion of Ashura, and he gave a speech on the occasion, “I did not have any problem (..) All that some people are promoting is a fabrication, a lie and a cheap attempt to stir up sedition for open purposes,” he said. .

However, the local newspaper, An-Nahar, and several Lebanese media outlets, quoted several sources in the town located in the Zahle district in the Bekaa governorate, the news of his detention and his departure amid a heavy deployment of the army, and that a similar move took place in front of the house of his colleague, the representative of Zahle District, Anwar Jumaa, There was a confrontation with his office manager. As for the video shown by “Al Arabiya.net” above, it is for the time of his detention, according to what news sites reported, and a photo of it from afar by one of the attendees, using his mobile phone.

The video spread quickly on social media, as well as in news outlets, including the Future Web site, which quoted an eyewitness as saying that some of the crowd “accused the deputy about his responsibility for the attack.” Electricity cuts, deteriorating living conditions“.


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