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The German Association of Gastroenterology and Metabolic Diseases reported that hypnosis is the latest treatment method for irritable bowel syndrome; This modern method helps relieve the troubles of constant bloating, abdominal cramps and annoying constipation.

The association explained that irritable bowel syndrome is often due to psychological burdens; The nerve cells in the intestinal wall play a pivotal role in the incidence of irritable bowel syndrome, which occurs due to a defect in what is known as the “brain-intestinal axis”.

The association added that the method of hypnosis has proven effective in controlling irritable bowel syndrome, explaining that it relies on audio programs that the patient can play by himself in his home, after the psychotherapist explains to him how to use it.

For this purpose, the patient chooses a quiet place, then lies down with his head on a pillow. Then it plays the audio program, listens to it, and follows the instructions. Through the elements of meditation and targeted breathing exercises, the patient enters a state of complete calm and deep relaxation, which works to calm the colon. It is best to conduct a hypnosis session before going to bed.

To achieve tangible results, hypnosis sessions should be conducted regularly, preferably daily or at least five times a week, especially during the first four to six weeks.

Besides hypnosis, irritable bowel syndrome can also be controlled by adjusting the diet. Food and drinks that irritate the colon should be avoided, such as white flour products, bloating vegetables such as cabbage, legumes, sugar, dairy products containing lactose, coffee and soft drinks.

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