A new study, walking daily reduces the risk of premature death


A new study published in the Medical Journal of the American Academy of Neurology shows the role of bland walking in reducing the likelihood of premature death.

The study included a group of people aged between 63 and 72 years, where the average weekly physical activity was assessed by asking questions about walking, cycling, running, weight training and swimming.

In addition to a group of people who had previously had a stroke, the study showed that 15% of the people who died of the stroke group had walked for more than 3 hours per week, compared to 33% for people who walked for less than this rate.

While the death rate in the other group was 4% for people who walked for more than 3 hours, and the percentage rose to 8% for people who walked less than this rate.

The researchers called on people to engage in regular physical activity to prevent sudden death.


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