A collision with an asteroid or a meteor is possible


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Dr. Farouk El-Baz, the Egyptian space scientist, said that the possibility of the Earth colliding with an asteroid or a meteor is possible, because asteroids It was a large planet and then exploded into thousands of pieces, some of which may reach the earth, and some of them descend on the earth and we call it meteors And Shahba, which are rocky masses, “I do not know where to go” and may collide with a planet.

© Provided by Al Watan

Flag in the Arab region

On the status of science in the Arab region, Al-Baz said, in an intervention via the “Skype” application, with the “Sky News Arabia” channel, on Friday, that the Arab world has reached leadership in science at a certain historical stage, and the whole world recognizes the wisdom of Arab scientists in This stage, and the problem is not in the Arab mind, adding: “There were periods in this region that were in a scientific and intellectual elevation, from the days of the ancients, and the days when the Arabs did not have a place in the world, and also before the revolutions that trampled us in the Arab world took place.”

He continued: “Social media is very important, and it will bring us to a better position, because in the old days people used to follow the sheikhs, but God told us: (Read) and this means that we collect information ourselves, and enjoy thought and reading, which is the basis of science and knowledge and the formation of the correct personality.” Noting that some of the sheikhs rejected the idea that the earth is round because they did not read books and sciences, stressing that in all countries of the world there are people whose minds do not have the capacity to think and read.

satellite project

He pointed out that there is a project between the US space agency “NASA” and some centers in the Arab Gulf states, to establish a site for launching space rockets near the equator, explaining that he proposed allocating an Arab satellite called “IslamSat” or “Arabsat” to examine the Arabian desert. Because the majority of the world’s desert lies within the equator, and this moon helps reveal the riches and treasures of the desert.


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