A British family was surprised when a helicopter landed in their garden with Tom Cruise inside


A British family was surprised, when they were forced to inform them Hollywood star Tom Cruise, to land a helicopter in the garden of their house, after the closure of the nearby airport scheduled for landing.

A report published by BBC News revealed that Cruz is currently in the United Kingdom filming scenes from the “Mission Impossible” series, co-starring actress Hayley Atwell, at the Grand Central Mall in Birmingham.

Owner Alison Webb, who lives with her family in nearby Yorkshire, said she was told an unnamed VIP needed a place to land a helicopter because nearby Coventry airport is temporarily closed.

“I thought it would be great for the kids to see the helicopter landing in our garden,” Webb added. “Tom Cruise arrived and got off the plane, and the situation was absolutely amazing.”

The owner of the house indicated that as soon as Tom got off the plane; He went directly to talk to the children, then went to us and greeted us with his elbow instead of shaking hands, in application of public safety rules in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and thanked us very much, and Tom took some pictures with us.

Then, Webb continued, “The Hollywood star offered; Our children can board the helicopter and take a tour on board, and indeed the pilot took the children on a tour, while Cruise went to a meeting.”


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