A breakthrough in the electricity crisis in Lebanon… an American plan that includes Egypt, Syria and Jordan


The Lebanese presidency announced a US plan that includes Jordan, Syria and Egypt to help Lebanon overcome the electricity crisis.

The Lebanese presidency stated that the United States informed President Michel Aoun of drawing up a plan that includes Jordan, Syria and Egypt, to help his country contain the electricity crisis it is currently experiencing.

A statement issued by the Lebanese presidency said that President Michel Aoun received a phone call from the US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea this Thursday, who informed him that, in response to the deliberations she had with him during her recent visit to Baabda Palace, she was informed of a decision by the US administration to continue aiding Lebanon. To draw electrical energy from Jordan through Syria, by providing quantities of Egyptian gas to Jordan that would enable it to produce additional quantities of electricity to be placed on the network linking Jordan with Lebanon via Syria.

According to the statement, Aoun was informed that America will facilitate the transfer of Egyptian gas through Jordan and Syria to northern Lebanon.

The presidency quoted Ambassador Shea as confirming that the American side is making a great effort to accomplish these measures, and that negotiations are underway with the World Bank to secure financing for the price of Egyptian gas, repair and strengthening of electricity transmission lines, and the required maintenance of gas pipelines.

For his part, President Aoun thanked the US Ambassador for the effort she made to achieve this step, which is in the interest of all the Lebanese who are going through a severe economic and living crisis, promising to make the required effort from Lebanon to achieve this project.

The electricity sector in Lebanon is experiencing a chronic shortage of electricity and depends on government support, and incurs technical and non-technical losses, estimated at 36-40%, according to studies issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and the Electricité du Liban.

Lebanon relies on low-efficiency thermal power plants that use imported, expensive and polluting heavy oil and diesel, and the electricity supply is not sufficient, as peak demand is estimated at 3,500 megawatts, which leads to a shortage of 1,600 megawatts.

In the recent period, with the cessation of credits for the purchase of fuel as a result of the scarcity in foreign currencies, the Electricity of Lebanon stopped supplying the country with only two hours of electricity out of 24 hours a day, and the shortage of diesel fuel also led to the suspension of the alternating generators that covered the state’s deficit, which led to Lebanon To almost total darkness with the suspension of many vital sectors.


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