Zain Awad revives the legacy of Samira Tawfik – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Samira Tawfik’s lyrical legacy is still shining, as many people love the songs of “Samarra Al Badia” residing in Abu Dhabi and still keep them, and here is the Jordanian singer Zain Awad, who has chosen to revive Samira Tawfiq’s legacy, by presenting her to a lyrical medley under the title « May God bless Layali Al-Kif.” Zain Awad filmed it in a video clip, to unleash it on her official YouTube channel.

Zain Awad expressed her happiness with the release of the new clip, which was directed by Jalal Abdel Hamid, and stressed the importance of reviving the heritage, which Samra Al Badia sang and spread throughout the Arab world. Describing it with songs that express the nature of the place from which it originates, noting that this color is widely popular in the Arab region.

It is noteworthy that the medley “Haya Allah Baliyali Al-Kif” was distributed by the artist Muhammad Al-Qaisi, produced by Sherine Abu Hamda, and coordinated by Ibrahim Al-Abdallat.



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