Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Sumaya Al-Khashab in a new photo session by the swimming pool… and Nadia Al-Jundi is flirting with her


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Egyptian actress Somaya El Khashab surprised her fans with a photo session she underwent in the Emirates.

Al-Khashab published, through her account on “Instagram”, pictures of her enjoying her time in the swimming pool, and she chose the blue color as the main for her look, so she wore beachwear of the same color and cosmetics in shades of blue.

Comments poured out on her post, and the Egyptian actress was at the forefront of the commentators, Nadia El-Gendy, who flirted with her by saying: “The moon,” and another follower described her by saying: “The moon that always enlightens us, the star of Egypt.”

Sumaya al-Khashab broke her silence to resolve the controversy over her marriage to festival singer Omar Kamal, after his participation in presenting a song entitled “I Promise You”.

Al-Khashab, through her Twitter account, sent a message to “rumor mongers”, who are trying to interfere in her personal life, noting that no one should ask her about personal matters in her life.

Recently, she revealed that she suffered from bullying during the period when she was overweight, explaining that the negative comments affected her negatively, and saddened her greatly.

Al-Khashab published, on Twitter, a picture of her when she was overweight, asking her followers not to direct any negative comments to overweight people, even if it was a joke; Because these comments have negative effects on their mental health.

Commenting on the photo she posted, Al-Khashab said that there is a dangerous phenomenon called “fat shaming” or “the shame of being overweight”, by making a ridiculous comment or bullying a person’s weight, explaining that this bullying affects their mental health.

And she continued, “I was bullied before during one period, I weighed more than usual, and I was reading negative comments that made me very sad.”


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