Youssef Fakhr El-Din’s love story for her and a rumor she tells.. Nadia Seif’s stories


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Tuesday 06 July 2021

I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy:

Actress Nadia Seif El-Nasr is considered one of the familiar faces of fans of black and white cinema, although she did not gain much fame, as her appearance was limited to several small scenes in films of the good time, and during her artistic career she did not get the absolute starring role.

her birthday

The artist Nadia Seif El-Nasr was born in Cairo on July 6, 1932, and because of her love for art, she did not complete her education, and went to participate in small roles at the beginning of her artistic career.

He and women

After a number of theatrical works that she presented, she participated for the first time in a cinematic work, through the movie “He and the Women”, which was shown in 1966, and she was 34 years old at the time.


She participated in a number of artworks, perhaps the most prominent of her roles are “Lady” in the movie “7 Days in Heaven”, and “Sharifa Hanim” in the movie “Sunset and Sunrise”, among others.

important business

During her career, she presented a number of important works, in theatre, cinema and television, most notably “I am the Doctor”, “The Last Kiss”, “Men’s Game”, “The Splendor of Love”, and others.

Youssef Fakhreddine

The artist Youssef Fakhreddine was 3 years older, as she was born in 1932, while he was born in 1935, but a great love story brought them together, which ended with her death.


Information circulated about the artist, Nadia Seif Al-Nasr, is few and unconfirmed, and there are many rumors, such as the rumor that she worked with the intelligence services, which was denied by critic and film historian Mahmoud Qassem.

The second rumor is related to her husband, artist Youssef Fakhr El-Din. Although he already lived a period of sadness and depression after her sudden departure in a car accident in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, at the age of 42, he did not retire from art, as was rumored.

After her death, “Fakhr El-Din” presented more than 25 works of art between films and series, until he decided to retire from art, in 1982, to settle in Greece, marry and set up several commercial projects until his death in 2002.


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