Yasmine Sabry grabs attention with a photo with her husband


The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, published a spontaneous photo, accompanied by her husband, the Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima.

The duo appeared in the photo on a cruise, with a stunning view behind them, and the photo was admired by a large number of their followers, who praised the beauty of the photo and their appearance.

Yasmine had recently conveyed to the public a set of her thoughts on the concept of beauty and love, as a direct message from her to everyone who criticizes her, and she wrote: “Your true beauty is the beauty of your soul. And the ignorant one, even if he shows you affection, will eventually inflict wounds on you from his ignorance She also used some of the words of the Persian poet Shams al-Tabrizi to describe love, and wrote: “And safety… is higher than love… Never come close when you are impressed, only come close when you are reassured by Shams of Tabrizi.” The audience interacted greatly with Yasmine’s ideas and confirmed them.


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