Yasmine Abdel Aziz leaves the hospital within days, madam


After news spread about the star’s exposure Yasmin Abdel Aziz Black magic is the reason for poisoning her with blood bacteria, and the increase in the campaign against repeating the mistakes of doctors. A member of the medical team broke his silence, stressing that Yasmine’s condition is improving strongly and she is expected to be discharged from the hospital within a few days, denying that the complications of the first surgery are “unusual.”

Doctor Hatem Shoman, who specializes in radiology, and one of the members of Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s treatment team in a famous private hospital in the Maadi neighborhood, confronted the idea of ​​Yasmine being exposed to black magic, and wrote through his account on the Facebook website: The case of Yasmine Abdel Aziz has no black magic or anything else .. Because the boy and the liver She was doing a simple operation and got into problems and complications after that.

Screenshot from Doctor Hatem Shoman’s Facebook post

And he continued, saying: Her affairs are almost stable with us in the hospital… With her full awareness, the issue is days and she will be discharged… Enough of rumors and rumors.. And I pray for all patients, may God heal them and restore them.

At the same time, Yasmine’s brother, Wael Abdel Aziz, reassured all her fans, stressing that the situation is now better, and he apologized to them for not being able to answer his phone, indicating that he would communicate with everyone after his sister was discharged from the hospital.

It is reported that the Egyptian dream interpreter Asma Badawi set off a surprise by announcing that the star, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, was exposed to black magic, which was the reason for the poisoning of blood, stressing that Yasmine urgently needed a legal paper, and said that she knew that her words would open the gates of hell for her.

Asmaa Badawi published a picture of Yasmine Abdel Aziz on her Facebook page and commented on it, saying: I know that I will open the door of Malush first than the last, but I want to tell you that Yasmine Abdel Aziz uses black magic ..

She continued, saying: This type of enchantment is related to blood and poisoning it. Our Lord will save it and make it safe. If it is possible for some of the well-known sorcerers to elevate it, and promote it in any of the verses, it is the verses that were said to treat the Messenger from the actions of witches, and some use them to confront the apostasy of the jinn.

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