Yari Mina: I will always respect Messi


Everton defender Yerry Mina has confirmed that he has all the respect for Barcelona star Lionel Messi, despite what happened between them in the Copa America. The two players met in the Argentina-Colombia match, and when Yari Mina missed a penalty kick, Messi mocked him, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Post”.

But Yari Mina commented on this, stressing that what Messi did could happen at any moment during football matches. He continued, “Life revolves and each of us has a chance for revenge, but I feel inner calm because Messi is a great character. And he added, “I met him in Barcelona and he favored me and supported me and I will continue to respect him.”

The newspaper said, “Messi mocked Mina when he missed the penalty during the match. “Why don’t you dance now?” Messi said, addressing Yari Mina sarcastically after he missed the penalty. This comment, during the Copa America, sparked wide reactions on social media, but Yari Mina’s response was sure that there are no personal differences between them and that what happened ended on the field.


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