Without human intervention, a robot brings pizza to customers in Paris



A restaurant in central Paris provided a unique experience for its customers, by preparing pizza meals by a robot, without any human intervention, which accelerates the opening of a new page in the field of restaurants called “Robot Chefs”.Batzy, a small restaurant in the Beaubourne district of the French capital, is the second such restaurant to open its doors, after a similar restaurant that opened in November 2019 in the Val d’Europe shopping center east of Paris.

And the robot, which works behind a glass front, can make a pizza within 5 minutes, in front of the customer, who sends his order, “through an automated device placed in the place.”

The robot, with its robotic arm, extends the dough, then puts in the tomato sauce and stuffing (the only step that happens out of the customer’s view), before putting the pizza in the oven, taking it out and then putting it in its delivery box.

The robot can make up to 80 pizzas per hour, at a price between 7 and 13.6 euros, with guarantees of product quality, “fresh dough, organic vegetables and cheeses of legally protected types.”

The task of the staff in the place is to simplify relations with customers and manage the few tables on site, but they do not interfere in the process of preparing the food.

‘Employment crisis’

Patzi aspires to become a fast-food chain, working with a model similar to major networks in this sector, according to Philip Goldman, general manager of this 35-person company.

“We are finalizing the signing of restaurants in different locations in Paris, and from March or April we will enter the Swiss market,” Goldman says.

“Pazzi” has raised an investment capital of 10 million euros in 2019, and he explains, “We have now begun to internationalize our activities, as 50% of the demand comes from abroad,” noting that “fast food” networks are experiencing a crisis everywhere on the planet. Employment level, and the ability to find employees.

Batzy is not the first company to try to launch automatic pizza restaurants. In the United States, start-ups continue their attempts in this area, despite the miserable failure of Zumi, which switched its activity in early 2020 to making recyclable packaging, after spending Nearly $375 million, in an effort to create a network of restaurants for pizza made by robots, across the United States.

And Seattle-based startup Picnic recently raised $16.3 million to further develop its pizza-making machine in restaurants, which, unlike Patzi, still needs an operator to operate.

Entering the food industry

Restaurant robots aren’t just about “making pizza.” Critter, a robot capable of making burgers and grilling steaks, survived two years in San Francisco before the restaurant it occupied closed its doors in June 2020; Due to the closure measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

And in Sweden, the start-up Bonpot has raised $2 million to launch its first ice cream maker by the end of the year.

In France, a start-up company, “Cook-E”, presented at the exhibition “Vivatech” technical innovations recently, a robot that makes dishes inside a wok, and automatically pours ingredients matching demand in it.

“We designed a small, simple robot to be less expensive,” said Raphael Terron, general manager of Coke-E.

He adds, “We want to help restaurants in their economic equation, as 60% of restaurants go bankrupt in the first three years of their lives.”

The prototype of the robot will be operated at the end of the year, in one of the establishments specialized in preparing foods prepared exclusively for delivery, which “Cook-e” puts within its goals.

And Rafael Teron points out that the latest technology trends are facilitating attempts to use robots in the kitchen. “We could never have developed Coke-e without 3D printing, which makes making and testing parts easy and inexpensive,” he said.


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