‘Will you marry me?’…Argentine fencing answers her coach’s request


Argentine fencing player, Maria Belen Perez Morris, has accepted the marriage proposal of her coach Lucas Socedo after their long relationship, after her match in the Tokyo Olympics.The player was frustrated as she was answering reporters’ questions after she was knocked out in the first round of her third Olympics, when her coach came from behind her holding a slip of paper that read “Will you marry me?” He kneels in front of her.

He added: “Tell me, yes, there are a lot of people looking at us now.”

Soseido made an unsuccessful attempt in 2010 when he proposed for the first time to Peres Morris on the sidelines of the World Fencing Championships in Paris. Then his girlfriend replied, “Is this a joke or what?”

But with the repeated request for marriage after 11 years, she responded positively this time and said in this regard, after having a relationship with her coach over the last 17 years: “I was speechless and said to myself ‘Oh my God’.”

“We will celebrate it when we return to Argentina with a huge barbecue,” she added.


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