Will Smith dives into the world’s deepest swimming pool in Dubai .. “This is crazy”


Follow up: The famous actor known for his love of adventure, Will Smith visits the city of Dubai, and was one of the first people to experience the Deep Dive Dubai, the deepest swimming pool in the world for diving.

In the video he posted about the newly opened swimming pool on his Instagram account, he said: “I’m always in Dubai and my friend told me I should check out this pool. Deep Dive Dubai, I’m about to dive into the deepest pool on earth. It is 200 feet deep. This is crazy.”

Deep Dive Dubai was recently opened, which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest diving pool in the world at a depth of 60.02 meters and contains 14 million liters of water, equivalent to six Olympic pools.

Besides the title of the world’s deepest snorkeling pool, Deep Dive Dubai is also the largest underwater film studio in the region, including a video and media editing room, 56 underwater cameras and the ability to create different ambiances with 164 lights located throughout the pool.

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