What foods that maintain men’s health after the age of forty?


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What foods that maintain men's health after the age of forty?


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Dr Maria Kardakova, UK public health and nutrition specialist, has revealed the nutrients that keep men healthy after the age of 40.

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A doctor reveals nutrients that are beneficial and harmful to the heart

In an interview with Radio “Moscow Speaks”, the specialist points to foodstuffs and foods that men should eat after they reach the age of forty.

According to her, this issue depends on the lifestyle of the man, but in all cases fruits and vegetables should always be present in the diet.

“Men of this age usually look down on vegetables in their diet,” she says. “Although the recommendations and instructions confirm that the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced when eating fruits and vegetables five times a day.”

And she adds, the fruits and buckwheat are also good for their health.

Source: RIA Novosti


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