We will name President Najib Mikati to form the government


The “Democratic Gathering” bloc held its meeting in Clemenceau, and issued a statement confirming
The meeting “will be called tomorrow, in the binding parliamentary consultations, by President Najib Mikati to form the next government, in line with his position on the need to find a settlement to produce a rescue government that adopts the French initiative to be a real entry point for reform through negotiation with the International Monetary Fund to provide monetary, financial and social stability in the country.” .

The meeting stressed, “the role of the judicial judiciary in the issue of the port explosion and the need to work diligently in order to uncover the truth and punish the criminals, and this requires that the process of interrogations be carried out and the immunities of all concerned officials be lifted without any exceptions and at any level, without constitutional or political jurisprudence.”

He renewed his demand “to completely lift fuel subsidies in order to stop the depletion of the central reserve, which constitutes the remainder of the depositors’ money, which automatically leads to the cessation of monopoly and smuggling, provided that this is coupled with a joint transport plan that lifts the burden of movement on the citizen, with the need to put the financing card It will be implemented as soon as possible through the clarity of the mechanism, identifying families that suffer from the burden of need according to the criteria of the World Bank, and finding sources of financing by negotiating with it.


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