Water protests in Iran..A campaign of arrests in Ahvas and restriction of access to communication sites


Iranian activists confirmed today, Wednesday, that Iranian security is launching a massive arrest campaign in Ahvas, following the ongoing protests for the seventh consecutive day due to water scarcity, while media outlets reported restricting access to communication sites in Ahvas to prevent broadcasting images of the protests.
Iran International channel stated that Iran is working to restrict access to social networks via mobile phones, stressing that this restriction comes for fear of sending videos in light of the continuation of “mass protests” in the country’s cities for the seventh day in a row.
Today, the Iranian army sent water tanks to Ahvas (southwest) in an attempt to contain the protests taking place in the province due to water cuts and diversion of rivers.
Today, Fars News Agency reported that the Iranian army has sent a number of drinking water tanks to Ahvas province “to address the problem of water scarcity.”
The agency quoted the Director-General of the Engineering Effort in the Southwest Region of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Mortada Moradi, as saying: “The Ministry of Defense and the support of the armed forces have placed at the disposal of the province 10 water tanks to help supply areas suffering from water scarcity.”
A video clip also showed what are believed to be military reinforcements being sent to Ahvas to counter the ongoing protests.
For nearly a week, the Ahvas region has witnessed protests over the lack of water, interspersed with clashes that resulted in deaths and injuries among the protesters.
An Iranian police officer was also killed during these clashes, according to the official media. And the official news agency “IRNA” reported shortly after midnight Tuesday-Wednesday that the officer was killed on Tuesday evening in the city of Bandar Mahshahr.
Since last Thursday night, Ahvas has witnessed protests against the backdrop of water scarcity, which led to the death of at least one protester. Video clips of the protests in several areas of Ahvas showed the security forces’ harsh treatment of the protesters.
Ahvas, overlooking the Gulf, is one of the most prominent oil producing regions in Iran and one of the 31 richest provinces in Iran.
It is one of the areas inhabited by a large minority of Arabs. The residents of the province have previously complained of being marginalized by the authorities.
In 2019, Ahvas witnessed anti-government protests that also affected other parts of the country.


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