Watch the thief who stole an ambulance with a patient inside it in America


This morning, an American thief managed to steal an ambulance in Houston, Texas, with a sick man and a firefighter inside, after he frightened its driver by force of arms and forced him to get out of it, then left him on the side of the road stranded.

The police, who recounted what happened in a number of tweets, said that they used the global positioning system to track the car until they arrested its thief, as evidenced by a video presented by “Al” below, in which we see its men transporting the thief from inside the car and taking him as a detainee to the investigation. .

It has not yet been revealed how the twenty-year-old thief managed to get the driver out and take his place behind the wheel, nor was his name and exact age revealed, while the police confirmed that his record of various thefts he had previously committed.


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