Watch the surprise felt by the first Arab to win gold in Tokyo


More than surprised Tunisian Ahmed El Hefnaoui wins the 400m freestyle In the Tokyo Olympics today, Sunday, it is Al-Hefnawi himself, according to what appears surprising to him in the video presented below, because he was the slowest among the qualifiers to the final, and he did not imagine that the situation would turn in his favour, but he starred in the last meters and snatched the first gold for Tunisia and the Arabs in the Olympics, in a time 3 minutes and 43.36 seconds.

As for the silver, the Tunisian teenager left it to whoever came second in the race, falling behind him by 0.16 tenths of a second, the Australian swimmer Jack McLoughlin, born 26 years ago, while the bronze went to the 22-year-old American Kieran Smith, “who was the most optimistic about the gold,” according to what he said. I read about him “Al” in news excerpts from American media outlets, as he came third in the race, which he finished with a time of 3 minutes and 43.94 seconds.

In the presented video, we find Hefnawi, 18 years old, He struggled to reach the final of the race, and then did not notice when he was told that he was the first winner in it, until a few seconds passed, so the shock of surprise was positive on him, so he screamed and expressed his joy in his way of a brilliant victory, to the extent that he punched the water of the watercourse.


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